I’m a Professional Counsellor as well as an experienced Project Manager in the field of Information Technology (IT).  My nearly 20 year’s professional experience involving and leading IT projects gives me a unique perspective and experience in the day to day private and professional issues that people encounter, as individuals as well as teams.

My passion for travel and as well as my work experience in international and multi-cultural companies in Italy, Spain, France, Greece, USA and Switzerland complements my interest and drive in professional counselling.

During the course of my IT career, I successfully completed my studies as Counselor at “ASPIC – Scuola Superiore Europea di Counselling Professionale” (European Professional Counselling School) in Milan and I was certified Professional Counsellor in personal and relational well-being, for individuals and organisations, by the Italian counselling organisation Assocounseling.

As a Certified Professional Counsellor since 2013, I have been carrying out various activities relating to counselling and the “culture of counselling” in Italy and in Switzerland, where I live. This also includes actively collaborating with ArKa Associazione where I am a member of the Steering Committee since June 2016.


There have been  different reasons why I got involved in professional counselling: the need to express myself in a confidential and non-judgmental setting, the desire to find a better balance between professional and private life, deal with difficulties in coping with stress and conflicts, the desire for fulfilment and to feel better, in general.

There are also different ways I experimented, over the years, to cultivate my personal growth: I attended a theatre school, I am passionate about the dance improvisation, I carry out creative manual activities, I do rock climbing, I undertook a long self-knowledge journey through psychotherapy and I studied for three years to be a Professional Counsellor. This last experience gave shape to my desire to contribute to the betterment of society by integrating my professional and personal life experiences through formally acquired counselling skills

My counselling intervention has an integrated humanistic approach, based on principles that puts the person at the center, in his/her uniqueness and wholeness. I have a deep confidence in the natural human tendency to self-realization and in the importance of discovering how to overcome inner difficulties and  obstacles so that this self-realization can fully express itself. I also believe in the holistic vision of the human being, in which the dynamic balance of head, heart and body plays and important role for its personal and relational well-being. These are the principles my integrated humanistic approach is based on.

My counselling interventions are personalised and take into account the uniqueness of the person, his/her own characteristics, the personal difficulties and obstacles, the present moment and the specific stage within the counselling intervention I am in with my client. My methodology involves the person at mind (thinking), body (sensation, movement and behaviour) and heart (emotion) levels, and borrows tools from different approaches: cognitive, emotional, bodily and creative. Languages: English and Italian

ArKa is a non-profit association in Milan which offers a three years School in Counselling and focusses on educational and social projects. It was founded by the initiative of professionals of the helping relationship with more than ten years experience in counselling and education.  I’m very happy  to share with  ArKa Associazione the same principles and goals: to promote the knowledge, the education and the usage  of communication and relational skills for the development of the  individual and social well-being.

Within ArKa Associazione I perform the following roles: member of the Steering Committee, Tutor and co-cunductor of the didactic supervision of the Master in Counselling, responsible for the social media  communication, contributing to the training of the trainers in the Master in Counselling, trainer in the Basic Counselling program and counsellor in the association’s counselling center.