Are you in a phase of your personal and professional life of lack of balance, self-confidence, fulfillment, satisfaction? Do you feel the need of an external and individual support?

The comfort and the confidentiality of the one to one sessions will support you in the process of self-knowledge and self-support. Read more.

di gruppo

Do you experience discomfort in social situations, difficulties in trusting others, are you easily hurt or offended, do you want to improve your communication, personal and relational competencies?

Group counseling is a form of counseling, where participants benefit from shared experiences and practice interpersonal skills. Read more.

Workshop e

Do you have a specific issue you’d like to explore? Would you like to learn personal and relational competences? Are there areas in your personal growth you would like to work on?

Through workshops and education you’ll have the unique  opportunity to develop  interpersonal competences and your personal growth. Read more.