Counselling individuale

Individual counseling is a short to medium-term professional intervention which consists in one to one sessions where you’ll have the opportunity to

  • explore your difficulties in a confidential environment
  • understand how your thoughts, feelings, sensations and behaviours can help you lead your actions
  • gain trust and confidence in yourself and your possibilities
  • find your own and personal solutions to overcome your obstacles and reach your personal goals

I offer support when you

  • have problems in a relationship
  • deal with stress and anxiety
  • feel alone and without someone to trust and openly talk to
  • have difficulties in being assertive
  • struggle in reaching your goals
  • lack of self-esteem and trust in your inner resources and possibilities
  • face changes which include loss or change of work, separation or divorce, etc.
  • want to learn about yourself and experience a personal growth
  • want to improve your personal and relationship competences

Counselling di gruppo

Group counseling is a form of counseling, where people benefits from shared experiences. with the aim of improving relational competences and develop self-support. Usually participants focus on specific personal issues or on an agreed  topic.

When participating to group counseling sessions  you  have the chance of

  • learning to communicate more comfortably and effectively
  • identifying and exploring inner feelings
  • getting feedback from others
  • learning to express your own wishes and to act on your own behalf
  • being honest with self and others
  • becoming more sensitive to the ways people communicate
  • experimenting with new ways of relating to others.

Workshop e formazione

If you have a specific issue you’d like to explore, if you want to gain more personal and relational competences or there areas in your personal growth you would like to work on, I can develop workshops and education according to your needs.